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ShaanMei Group has gained a total profit of 10.5 billion yuan, topped the provincial enterprises

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This paper(Reporter ChengJingfeng  correspondent LiHua)  On January 12th, from ShaanMei Group, reporter knows that the operating income of ShaanMei Group has reached 260 billion yuan, that is 22.6 percent increase comparing to that of last year. A total profit of 10.5 billion yuan has been gained, which increased 7.5 billion yuan and topped the provincial enterprises.

Since the implementation of letting off capacity, ShaanMei Group has closed 18 mines and lets off 18.15 million tons of coal, accounting 62 percent in Shaanxi. With the decisive letting off, ShaanMei Group promotes orderly as well, six standard and excellent mines were added , which have a potencial capacity of 56.2 million tons, of which 34.2 million tons has put into effect, whose item numbers and capacity rank first in China.  In 2017, Shaan Mei Group has produced 0.14 billion tons coal, 95 percent of which is high-quality coal.

With the rapid development of coal production orientation, lower-stream industry of ShaanMei Group has begun to rise. BeiYuan chemical coal-to-salt circular economy and ShenMu chemical and coal pyrolysis, with the two modern chemical coal projects leading the trend, the production of chemical products have reached 16.21 million tons, the operating income is 40.8 billion yuan, while the profit is 1.6 billion yuan, each index has reached the highest in history, and has changed the six-year loss situation. The section of Fabrication & Assembly actively explore the international market, a series of pavers and spin dig drills exported to countries along “The Belt and Road”.

ShaanMei Group takes technology creation as an important support of old energy’s transferring into new one. In the field of coal, ShaanMei Group created and promoted “N00 coal exploitation”, which led the third revolution of coal exploitation. In the field of chemical industry, the industrial demonstration project of “rapid pyrolysis of 120-ton-per-year low-grade powered coal ” started, and became our country’s the upsizing demonstration project in the crucial technology of coal qualitative transformation and utilization. In the field of Fabrication & Assembly, ShaanMei Group researched and invented China’s first 8-meter high-quality coal exploitation machine, which achieved the total replacement of imported coal exploitation machine.

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