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Investigating group of Raw material industry department of MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China) cam

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On March 12th, XuWenli, director of steel department of MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China), JingDawei, director of nonferrous metals department, LiJinghai, petrifaction department, came to ShaanMei Group to research on new materials. MouWeiqiang, MiFengshou, vice investigator of Raw material industry department of Shaanxi MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China), ShangJianxuan, vice president and member of the party committee of ShaanMei Group, leaders of technological research institute accompanied them to research.

Before the meeting, members of the investigating group went to do research on Xi’an new-energy material foundation, they went to visit four trial production lines: SanYuan power battery, ITO transparent conducting thin film, silver nanowire transparent conducting thin film, single-layer graphene, besides, they listened to the introduction of the related technologies and instruments of the four trial production lines, and knew about the related industrial distribution and product market prospect of ShaanMei Group.

During the meeting of investigation, on behalf of ShaanMei Group, ShangJianxuan extended a warm welcome to the coming of members of investigating group, and gave a general introduction of the scientific innovation work of ShaanMei Group. Institute of technological research reported the present situation of new material industry of ShaanMei Group from six industrial orientation: functional film industry, carbon material industry, chemistry energy-store industry, new concept polymeric material, catalytic material industry, nanometer materials industry, and introduced to the members of the investigating group thoroughly on ten products: transparent conducting thin film, super active carbon, silicon carbide negative electrode materials, single-layer graphene, new concept polymeric material POR, high-ethylene catalyzer, nanofluids energy absorption materials. Both parties communicated deeply centered on the development of new materials industry.

Leaders of the investigating group spoke highly of scientific innovation work and new materials industry of ShaanMei Group, furthermore, they put forward three valuable suggestions on the further promotion of new materials industry: first, in terms of planning research effort as a whole and focusing on the research orientation, Second, in terms of paying close to the system and mechanism development of our nation’s new materials development. Three, in terms of the construction of our nation’s innovation center. (KouJianan)

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